Rains Virtual Reality

Rains Virtual Reality.

The new VR concept enables a full VR experience from one’s own device. Step into the virtual universe, zoom into details, change positions or cut in from any angle without interfering. To participate, utilize a laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

Rains 360° Virtual Reality experience gives you the opportunity to grant backstage access and sit front row at our runway shows. If nature is more your thing you can explore the forest and take a walk down the beach.

Instructions go as follows (smartphone and tablet):

  1. On a mobile device, choose which VR video you would like to experience: AW20 Runway Show, SS21 Runway Show, Forest or Lighthouse
  2. The links will take you to Rains’ YouTube channel
  3. Press play on video and turn the screen horizontally
  4. Tap the glasses icon placed in the bottom right-hand corner – the screen will split into two smaller screens
  5. Press play to view the video in VR180 or 360 degrees