Puffer Jackets Women

Since the beginning of RAINS, we had a goal to create the ideal winter jacket for women that is easily styled with any wardrobe. As a result, the Puffer Jacket was introduced offering great style and functionality to the quality conscious consumers looking for more than just a jacket. The Puffer Jacket Women has reflected RAINS’ innovative approach by being durable and stylish. Using only high-tech featherless fur that meets the same requirements as the natural material, however being completely vegan. Discover our creation below.

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Long Puffer JacketLong Puffer Jacket
Puffer JacketPuffer Jacket
Puffer JacketPuffer Jacket
Puffer JacketPuffer Jacket

Get in the Scandinavian spirit with RAINS Puffer Jackets for women

As a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand established in Denmark, it has always been important for us that the Scandinavian heritage is clearly presented in our designs. This includes having an uncompromising approach to the appearance of the styles but also setting the highest requirements for quality.

Speaking to current tendencies today, the Puffer Jacket for Women has puffed sections that resemble a very modern and timeless design. The jacket is crafted with sturdy rubber trimmings and hardware made of stainless steel just like our Parkas and other Jackets. The entire Puffer is padded with Thinsulate Featherless Insulation that is an animal friendly material replacing animal down. Scientists have made the vegan fur feel and function exactly like the natural type, if not better.

The color options are inspired by nature and Scandinavian love for gloomy nuances. Choose between off white, dark green or black. Three simple colors that can work well with anything, just like the Scandinavians like it. You also have the choice between two lengths: a short version and a long option going to the knees. Consider your lifestyle and how much coverage you desire to determine which options are right for you. Complement your Puffer with a stylish Wash Bag for a complete set.

Our production is responsible – from the beginning to end

Being green translates into our attitude towards social, environmental, and economic concerns worldwide. RAINS seeks to have a positive impact on sustainable development and pushes the fashion industry to make more conscious decisions when it comes to the production and the people behind it.

We set high ethical standards and seek to improve the sustainability of our value chain everyday. We collaborate with a small number of suppliers to create our signature RAINS Puffer Jackets and other products to ensure the quality of the processes and good relationships with our stakeholders. Together we educate each other to make RAINS an educated brand that has a finger on the pulse in all regards. When purchasing from us you can be absolutely sure about contributing to necessary changes in the fashion industry. We understand that it can be completely unmanageable to start engaging in this global issue and we just want to make it a little easier.

We want to do one thing and we want to do it good. This is a mantra that we hope is clear for all our current and potential customers. Let us change the world together and let us do it with style.


What is a puffer jacket?
A puffer jacket is a quilted jacket that you would wear in the winter. RAINS collection is vegan and made for keeping you warm and dry at the same time.

Are RAINS puffer jackets waterproof?
Yes, RAINS puffer jackets are completely water-resistant and windproof. The good quality ensures your jacket will last for many years.

What characterize RAINS puffer jackets for women?
Our puffer jackets for women are made in a minimalistic design. They are vegan and made of thinsulate featherless insulation.