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Thermal – Metamorphosis AW19

Insulated outerwear designed under Rains’ waterproof universe; the Thermal collection offers a collection rooted in two-in-one functionality. Each Thermal item is wrapped in Rains’ waterproof PU fabric and padded with featherless insulation. By applying the latest innovations in rainwear technology, every jacket in the Thermal collection features a responsive PU shell with skin-like pores that allow air out, but blocks water from coming in. Each style has been designed as an ode to classic silhouettes and executed within the design DNA that is recognizably Rains. The result is an insulated collection designed to combat the many elements of wintry months.

4000 mm/cm2 water column pressure

Signature to Rains is a thin, lightweight polyurethane (PU) coating, consisting of a multi-layer formula that results in waterproof protection. While still allowing breathability, the pores of the PU surface are shaped in a way that allows air out, but stops moisture from coming in.

0.02 cmm air permeability

The lightweight polyurethane (PU) coating on Rains Thermal consists of an innovative, multi-layer formula resulting in windproof protection. While still allowing breathability, the pores of the PU surface are shaped in a way that allows air out, but not in.

4000 g/m2 water vapor transmission

Developed specifically for Thermal, Rains took to the laboratory to invent a highly breathable PU that could coat the entirety of the collection. The result is a waterproof PU with the ability to breathe, allowing the body to naturally regulate its temperature when worn.

Featherless insulation

The collection utilises featherless insulation, allowing the Thermal collection to provide warmth in cold conditions, as well as remain highly compressible for tight packing. The fill is as lightweight as natural down, highly breathable and hypoallergenic.

High-frequency ultrasonic technology

In order to ensure a completely waterproof jacket, ultrasonic welding machines fuse PU material together to tightly close seams. We take it one step further and double-weld the seams to ensure extra hold and zero moisture seepage.

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