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Rains Journal – Vol. 11: The Growroom

July 09, 2018

Bringing nature into social environments. And vice versa.

Words: Thea Brissing Sørensen
Photo: The Growroom

In collaboration with SPACE10, IKEA’s innovation lab, Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum have created The Growroom – a spherical pavilion for people to produce food locally in urban environments. Soon after the launch of The Growroom, the team developed a more flexible yet similar solution called The GrowMore. The design allows people to connect with nature with all their senses to smell, taste and feel the abundance of herbs and plants. It is an innovative design that highlights the symbiotic relationship between vegetation and people.

The first Growroom design gained so much attention that the team decided to make an open source edition of the design. This made it possible for people all over the world to build their own personal Growrooms and share their final results online. By doing this, SPACE10 and the Danish architects were giving a wide range of insights into how people used it and added elements to it. This information sparked the design idea for the flexible GrowMore solution. The GrowMore is a design system consisting of just six elements that can be altered and transformed to fit in any given context. The idea was to minimize the complexity and make it as simple, intuitive and cost-efficient as possible while elaborating on the use of technologically advanced machinery and materials. The modular and flexible design system makes it possible to rebuild each GrowMore over and over again. The open source files have been downloaded more than 25.000 times, and Growrooms have been built all over the world by private people, established companies and at festivals as well as at art and design venues.

Husum and Lindholm’s Growroom / GrowMore design is a paradigm of adapting plants to urbanization. Furthermore, it is a design system that enhances social meetings and reminds us to take a break and connect with nature; it is a design system providing urban gardening spaces where people are adapting to nature and nature is adapting to people.

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