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Rains Journal – Issue Eleven: Poshtel

March 28, 2018

Sustainable and mobile – An innovative pop-up hotel adapting to nature.

Words: Thea Brissing Sørensen
Photos: Poshtel

Poshtel PopUp takes sustainable hospitality to the next level. With an interest in the latest design, arts and technology, Poshtel PopUp is a new global hospitality chain of mobile and eco-friendly luxury hostels founded by serial entrepreneur, Morten Lund, in cooperation with the world-known architect, Bjarke Ingels, and the award-winning design firm, EFFEKT.

Built from up-cycled shipping containers and constructed with organic, biodegradable and recyclable materials, Poshtel PopUp represents a new approach to circular building. Featuring an off-grid utility popup called The Fifth Element, the innovative design system is self-sufficient and highly sustainable. The Fifth Element is able to provide up to ten Poshtel PopUp suites with fresh water, sewage and sustainable energy generated from solar panels – all to ensure the lowest environmental impact. Due to the use of detachable components and sustainable solutions, the suites can simply pop up in a matter of a few months and disappear again without leaving any footprints.

Sustainable Tourism

Due to the scalable, mobile and recycled components, Poshtel PopUp addresses the changing needs for sustainable tourism. With the innovative design system, it might soon be possible to popup anywhere without causing damage to nature.

Imagine traveling to faraway places that haven’t been affected by mass tourism; places where nature is undisturbed and where no one has ever lived before. Just to top it off, the Poshtel PopUp suites combine the style and comfort of a boutique hotel with the price of a hostel. All of this is available for rent through Airbnb.

In the future, Poshtel PopUp might be more than hotel suites popping up across the world. Due to the versatility of recycled shipping containers, Poshtel PopUp can solve housing shortages in urban environments in a matter of a few months. Poshtel PopUp represents a sustainable, yet aesthetic and affordable take on the future of housing.

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